Creative Colleges: A Guide for Student Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and Writers aims to . . .

  • Help students choose the right college to fit their unique needs as a student actor, artist, dancer, musician or writer;
  • Aid students in understanding the important differences between BA and BFA programs and an education at a college, university or conservatory;
  • Determine students’ career path by focusing solely on the arts or choosing a double major; and
  • Teach insider tips for the creative component of the admissions process — an audition or portfolio.

What’s Inside

From preparing for an audition and creating a portfolio to taking standardized tests and filing for financial aid, the entire college admissions process as it pertains to actors, artists, dancers, musicians, and writers is covered in this guide for creative college-bound students.

Real-life profiles of students in each discipline, day-in-the-life snapshots, answers to frequently asked questions from admissions directors, and tips on auditioning and preparing portfolios from real students and faculty are included along with samples of artist statements, admission essays, and artistic resumes.

More than 125 art, drama, dance, music, and creative writing programs in arts conservatories, liberal arts colleges, and universities are profiled with information that is critical to making the best college choice, such as degrees offered, concentrations, faculty information, cost of attendance, scholarship availability, and alumni accomplishments. An appendix lists books, Web sites, and magazines that students might find useful in finding the right program for them.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Creative Student’s College Search

Chapter 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 3: Colleges for Actors

Types of Drama Programs
How to Decide Between a Conservatory or a Traditional Program
Concentrations in a Drama Major
For Aspiring Musical Theater Majors
Film, Television and Cinema
Drama Auditions
Portfolios for Design and Production Majors
Drama Program Philosophy
Evaluating Drama Programs
Actors’ Essays and Resume
Sample Drama Curriculum
Profiles of Selected Drama Programs
Comprehensive List of Colleges with Drama Programs

Chapter 4: Colleges for Artists

Identifying the Type of Art Student You Are
Types of Art Programs
Art Program Philosophy
Concentrations in Art Degrees
The Freshman “Foundation” Year
The Artistic Portfolio
National Portfolio Days
Evaluating Art Programs
Artists’ Essays and Resume
Sample Art Curriculum
Profiles of Selected Art Programs
Comprehensive List of Colleges with Art Programs

Chapter 5: Colleges for Dancers

Types of Dance Programs
College Options: Dancing Without a Dance Major
Dance Auditions
Dancers’ Essays and Resumes
Sample Dance Curriculum
How They Stack Up: Learn to Compare College Dance Programs
Profiles of Selected Dance Programs
Comprehensive List of Colleges with Dance Programs

Chapter 6: Colleges for Musicians

Types of College Music Programs
Types of Music Degrees
Music Specialties
Music Auditions
Evaluating College Music Programs
Preparing for Your Audition
Musicians’ Essays and Resumes
Sample Music Curriculum
Profiles of Selected Music Programs
Comprehensive List of Colleges with Music Programs

Chapter 7: Colleges for Writers

Types of Creative Writing Programs
Writing Portfolios
What to Expect in a Creative Writing Workshop
Finding a Writing Community
Evaluating Creative Writing Programs
Creative Writing and the “Real World”
Writers’ Essays and Resumes
Sample Creative Writing Curriculum
Profiles of Selected Writing Programs
Comprehensive List of Colleges with Writing Programs

Chapter 8: The Next Step

Making the Most of Your Creative College Experience
Exploring the Local Arts Community
Study Abroad Opportunities and Internships
Exploring Career Choices after Graduation

Praise for Creative Colleges

“Helps creative students find that special place where they can realize their potential.”
–Barbara Elliott, Director of Enrollment Management, The University of the Arts

“A ‘must read’ for students in the arts or writing who are seeking the ‘best fit’ in their college choices.”
–Jenifer L. Blair, Ed.D., Vice President for Enrollment Management, College of Notre Dame of Maryland

“Excellent advice for ‘creative applicants’ bewildered by many college options.”
–Keith Todd, Director of Admission, Reed College

“This book will help you know yourself, know what’s out there and find the right match where you will cultivate your talents, grow and prosper.”
–Bradford R. MacGowan, Ed.D., College/Career Counselor, Newton North High School

Published by SuperCollege, LLC
September 2005, revised in 2008, 2010, 2013
paperback / 320 pages
ISBN-13: 9781932662054
ISBN-10: 1932662057

Creative Careers: Paths for Aspiring Actors, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and Writers

The Ultimate Resource of Finding a Career that Offers Creative Fulfillment and Earns a Living

Combining work and creativity isn’t impossible. Numerous careers are available for creative types. Ever want to know how to become a cinematographer, commercial writer, documentary filmmaker, book publicist, music therapist, set decorator, artistic director or video game animator? These are just a few of the careers you’ll learn about in Creative Careers.

With interviews with nearly 100 real-world professionals in creative careers, you’ll learn the inside story on how they reached success and learn advice that you wouldn’t find any other way. Creative Careers also offers information on a wealth of creative career paths, income information, job descriptions and shows that creative people aren’t doomed to be “starving artists” and that there are numerous ways to make a living in creative fields. More than 95 creative professions are featured from across the arts spectrum, with practical advice from working professionals about the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen creative careers. Whether one wishes to pursue the traditional path of professional performer or writer and find a related part-time arts career or wants to investigate full-time employment in creative fields, this guide shows that real-world jobs can offer creative fulfillment.

More than 95 creative careers featured!
Over 90 interviews with real professionals!

Find out details on:

  • Salaries
  • Job descriptions
  • Job outlook
  • Training and education requirements
  • Industry resources
  • PLUS nearly 100 interviews with real people who have these creative jobs share practical advice about their chosen creative careers!

Praise for Creative Careers

“An outstanding resource for up-and-coming young artists and their families. As we move into the new creative economy, the information on these pages thoroughly debunks the old stereotype of the ‘starving artist’. Opportunities abound like never before and employers are in hot pursuit of the best and brightest creative talent.”
–Sue Hinkin, director of career services, Savannah College of Art and Design

“This book is a unique resource for artists in all disciplines as it provides valuable insight into creative careers via real-life professional profiles.”
–Elisa Seeherman, director of career services, The University of the Arts

“Elaina Loveland’s book is a valuable resource for those aspiring to a career in Arts and Letters. It’s chock full of real-world advice from people who have been there and done that. Not only would it make a perfect graduation gift, it’s the quintessential remedy for those stuck in jobs that pay the bills but make it a chore to get out of bed every Monday morning.”
–Scott Hoffman, Managing Member, Folio Literary Management, LLC

Published by SuperCollege, LLC
May 2007, 2009
paperback / 256 pages
ISBN-13: 9781932662184
ISBN-10: 1932662189


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