Essay Editing

Writing a college admission essay, artistic statement, or a statement of purpose for graduate school, business school, or medical school can be daunting. Fortunately, editing can help shape an essay into the best final piece of writing possible. Grades and standardized tests only allow admissions officers at colleges and universities to assess a student quantitatively while essays provide the only way for them to envision the unique characteristics of an applicant as an individual. Essays can weigh heavily in favor or against possible admission, which is why it’s so important to make essays stand out.

As an author, editor, and college English instructor, Elaina Loveland offers a critical eye in editing essays of all kinds. Essay editing is done after an essay is written (this service does not provide writing, which would be unethical in the admissions process). Essay editing involves the following:

* Review of grammar, organization, tone, clarity, and style
* Suggestions for changing portions of the essay or the angle it is written in
* Suggestions to improve writing in general


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